Are you a machine owner who needs to repaire your Main Hydraulic pump?It is big and heavy,with high price and hard to find the replace one in the market.

So,how to confirm the right pump you need and find it?

From parts book,to find the part number,surely can confirmed.but it is hard to buy with a part number for a hydraulic pump,and the price is really expensive for original ones.

The right thing you need to do is: Find the manufacture number on your hydraulic pump's nameplate!
manufacture number on the hydraulic pump-nameplate

Usually most main hydraulic pumps are made by Rexroth Uchida,Kawasaki,Kayaba,Nachi,Sauer Danfoss,Eaton and so on,then they supply the pumps to Komatsu,Hitachi,Cat and so on excavator makers.

After that,excavator makers like Komastu gives the pump a new part numbers of Komatsu.

Then different models have their own different part number of hydraulic pumps,but to the source,these excavators might are of same pump made by Kayaba or Kawasaki.Just different part numbers of Komatsu or CAT.

And pump manufacturers like Kawasaki are not only supply pumps to excavator maker,they also sell the pumps independently in the market.

So,chance coming.We can buy hydraulic pump with nameplate on it from source manufacturer. OEM quality and might less half price!

Maybe it is complicated to understand.Make it easier,here is an example:
Eaton produced the pump HPV118HW,supply to Hitachi.Then Hitachi use this pump on ZAXIS270-3 excavator,give this pump a new Hitachi Part number of 9257346.

If you buy through part number 9257346 of Hitachi,it is hard to find in the market,and of really high price.

But if you search HPV118HW hydraulic pump,it is easy to find and usually price is less than half pice!

Actually,Hitachi ZX200-3,ZX210H-3,ZAXIS270-3 and ZAXIS280LC-3,John Deere 270D LC and 200DLC excavators,are all use the hydraulic pump HPV118HW made by Eaton.

Some reader might also conflused,"My pumps model is HPV118HW-268,is this same with HPV118HW?"

Here fridayparts tell you:They are the same.

HPV118HW-268,HPV118HW-238 and so on series,are the same.Just search HPV118HW to get the right pump with reasonable price you need.

Also,same way to find the main hydraulic pump repaire kits!

Wish it solved your problem,share it to help more machine owners!

Thank you!

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